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Before you can protect the lives of others, you have to protect yourself. The Dräger PSS® 7000 SCBA sets the standard for breathing protection by providing unmatched comfort, durability and safety in the harshest environments. The ergonomic PSS 7000 combines trusted pneumatics, flexible fit, and quick cylinder connection—freeing you to concentrate on the task at hand.


Drager Bodyguard 7000 at a glance

  • accurate, continuously updated air time remaining

  • digital and Analogue display of cylinder pressure

  • time to whistle (based on current air consumption)

  • intuitive operation

  • integrated personal alert safety system (PASS)

  • visual and acoustic warnings and alarms (102 to 112 dBA)

  • easy push-button operation

  • configurable settings to suit individual preferences

  • enhanced display with scrolling text

  • automatic self tests and system tests

  • datalog with personal ID

  • PC Link Software (Windows® compatible)

  • choice of operating modes: Tally and Automatic

  • simple upgrade to Dräger FPS® 7000 Head-Up- Display (HUD)

  • simple integration with the Dräger PSS Merlin Modem

Highest levels of comfort and durability

Compression-molded comfort padding provides high temperature performance and exceptional wear resistance, plus an anti-slip surface that keeps the harness in position. Designed to be worn on the hip, not shoulder, the PSS 7000 gives maximum flexibility while crawling and climbing. The material is easy to clean and disinfect, and is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical damage.

Hi-grip, anti-slip inner surface harness

Stays securely in place and cooling channels in the shoulder straps and waist belt reduce the likelihood of compression burns.

Ergonomic 3 position backplate allows freedom of movement

Self-adjusting and pivoting waist belt is designed to automatically lengthen and pivot to mirror your movements, allowing unrestricted movement as you walk, crawl, or climb.

Backplate also allows for adjustment to individual Firefighter depending on their height with four inches of adjust-ability

Reflective, luminescent shoulder straps

Reduces potential snag points and enhances the ability to be seen in the darkest situations.

​Carry handles

Rated up to 600 pound pull force to use as a drag handle.


Slide-and-lock harness

Allows harness and waist belt to be connected or removed from the backplate quickly-without tools. Supply hoses are integrated into the backplate to minimize the risk of snagging or damage.

Quick connect cylinder attachment

Because time is critical, Dräger designed this SCBA with a change-out method that only takes 10 seconds! This optional Quick-Connect cylinder system ensures rapid cylinder exchange in the field and at the 

PSS 7000

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