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Eco-Gel™ is a proprietary (patent pending) water additive that is instantly transformed into a highly effective firefighting Hydrogel when introduced into a water stream at concentrations ranging from 1%-6% by volume. 

Eco-Gel™ overcomes the performance and environmental limitations of standard firefighting foams by producing a novel firefighting Hydrogel that:

• Knocks down Class A and B fires.
• Clings to vertical and horizontal surfaces.
• Creates a safe egress path.
• Can form a fire break for bush and grass fires.
• Prevents re-ignition.

Eco-Gel™ is the only firefighting water additive certified by UL and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to be 100% bio-based.

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Q: What is FireRein Eco-Gel™?

A: A water additive that forms a highly effective suppressant (at concentrations between 1-6% by volume).

Q: What is FireRein Eco-Gel™ made of?
A: It is the only fire suppressant that is 100% bio-based - made from ingredients found in food.

Competitive products use SAPs (super absorbent polymers) that can contain cancer causing chemicals and respiratory irritants. Other competitive products contain surfactants that harm plant and aquatic life and PFAS (perfluroalkyl substances) linked to birth defects.

Q: Does Eco-Gel™ actually work?
A: Yes, it knocks down fires 55% faster than water and reduces water use by 60%. It also clings to vertical
surfaces. Competitive products are not effective in all water (only in clean water with a narrow pH range) and do not cling like Eco-Gel™.


Q: Where is Eco-Gel™ used?

A: Eco-Gel™ is used by municipalities and industry in North America.

Q: Why should I use Eco-Gel™?

A: To fight fires faster and create safe paths of egress.

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