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The KrakenEXO SUPER II™ is the most advanced double-jacketed 2” (51mm) attack hose capable of delivering targeted flows of 210-300 GPM with up to 30% less weight*



  • “SUPER” flow combo offers maximum volume at the minimum weight: up to 40lbs lighter per 50’ charged (18.1kg per 15.2M) compared to standard 2.5” / 64mm hose — up to 160lbs less over a 200’ line (72.6kg per 60.9M)!
  • Patented Breather™ technology adds flexibility & strength, releasing trapped air and water for superior packability.
  • Unique Mertex® lining yields low friction loss for maximum flow and superior lifelong adhesion — NEVER DELAMINATES!
  • Available with our exclusive three-part 1.5” / 38mm -OR- patented 2” x 2.5” / 25mm x 64mm Merlite® WAYOUT® couplings. — KrakenEXO SUPER II™ couplings are anodized black with red recessed, reflective WAYOUT® arrows. — All couplings standard with recessed IDentify® areas for color coding, barcoding, and/or identification markings.
  • Manufactured to exceed NFPA 1961, UL and FM performance requirements. UL approval pending. — Designed to beat the heat; tested according to the 2020 UL 19 heat testing standards
  • Burst safety factor of 3.75 times the service pressure for greater security. Remains flexible to -65º F / -55º C. » Covered by our industry-best Mercedes Textiles Limited 2-10-L warranty.



KrakenExo Super II

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