Tailor-Made for Tough Industrial Assignments

Dräger has specifically designed the Pac® 5500 to meet tough industrial requirements such as those of IP68. The shock-proof rubber casing offers reliable protection against external influences and corrosive chemicals.

Outstanding Display Technology

The large LCD display is user-friendly and shows both the gas concentration and unit of measurement. Users can also choose to only view concentration when the configured alarm threshold is exceeded. Additional background lighting ensures that the display is always easy-to-read.

Latest Sensor Technology featuring Low Operating Costs

The Dräger Pac 5500 is equipped with the latest Dräger XXS sensor technology that offers an innovative and extremely high performance with reaction times of just ten seconds. The life cycle of five to eight years is also well above average and provides lower operating costs for users.

Event Logger for 60 Events

​The Dräger Pac 5500 can store up to 60 events, along with their dates and times. Events such as activation and deactivation, gas and battery alarms, error modes and configuration adjustments can be loaded and analyzed on a PC via the infrared interface.

Fast Function Test

​Regular function tests are suggested as a way to ensure that the device always works flawlessly. These tests can be performed in seconds by using the cost-efficient Dräger Bump Test Station.

Safety in any Situation

The device’s sensor has been specially positioned to allow gas access at both the top and front. Therefore, even when the unit is placed in a pocket or the gas entry has been accidentally covered it is still possible to take a reliable reading

Pac 5500